Data Logger Holder

Used to secure Data Loggers onto different surfaces.

Used for securing Temprecord Data Loggers onto required surface.

– Strong, durable and waterproof polycarbonate
– Logger LED limit indicator lights easily visible
– Easy to secure onto chosen surface
– Custom-made for Temprecord loggers
– Material will not discolour
– Can be attached with counter sunk screws (included). Adhesive Velcro strips and double sided tape may also be used.

Temprecord Reader

Use to download data from loggers using Temprecord Software Applications.


Temprecord for Windows Software utilises our innovative Temprecord Reader Interface device that can be used with USB connections. The Reader Interface allows users to download, analyse and program a Temprecord data logger.

– One reader for all loggers; old and new models.
– Start, stop, reuse or program data logger using TRW software
– Optical reader feature – no physical connection to Data Logger.
– Temprecord for Windows (TRW) Software is freely available for download on this website.
– Compatible with Windows 7, 8 & 10.
– Reliable long life product. Warranty Period: 12 months from date of purchase
– IP 40 water rated protection

USB Cable for Mon-T2 USB

Use to download data from Mon-T2 USB range

The Mon-T Mini USB cable is essential for downloading data from your Temprecord Mon-T Data Logger.

– 1 metre length mini USB cable
– For use on the Temprecord Mon-T USB Data Logger


Customised probes are available to suit your monitoring needs


Temprecord provide a customisable range of probes and cables to suit your monitoring needs

Cryogenic:  -200°C to 0°C
Low Temp: -80°C to +110°C
Hi Temp:      0°C to +250°C

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