Automatic and Semi-Automatic Distillation Unit

automatic distillation unit

STARDist Auto Distillation Unit

STARDist Lite Semi-Automatic Distillation Unit

STARDist Lite

STARDist Automatic Distillation Unit

“The newest generation of S-flow systems offers the ultimate in fast, accurate viscosity testing and now also features an optional autosampler for fully unattended operation.”

Stardist Automatic Distillation Unit

STARDist is our brand new Automatic Distillation Unit and includes new and innovative features such as Optical Dry Point Detection, Voc Cold Trap, HD Volume Scan, Automatic Heater Lift, Smart Heater Control and much more.
Methods: ASTM D86, D1078, D850, EN ISO 3405, IP123, JIS K2254, and other related methods

Optical Dry Point

This unique feature for Dry Point Detection eliminates the need for an external dry point sensor. It ensures high accuracy and easier handling while keeping operating costs low. Especially suitable for ASTM D850 & D1078 and D86 + dry point tests.

Flask Installer

The new flask holder design ensures easy and correct positioning of the distillation flask for both 125 ml and 200 ml flasks. It ensures always-correct probe positioning in relation to the flask’s side arm.


The sample temperature and exact volume are measured by the Volume Scan before each test. Receiving chamber temperature is then automatically set to sample temperature to eliminate incorrect volume measurement due to thermal expansion. Subsequently, the actual measured volume is corrected to 100% volume.


Advanced Heat Control

Early-on detection of the distillation behavior and smart internal algorithms ensure real-time accurate heater control. This results in increased IBP/FBP repeatability, “right-in-time” IBP detection and a distillation rate kept smoothly between 4 – 5 ml per min., even with complicated blends such as 20% ethanol-in-gasoline. Automatic final heat is automatically optimized for any type of sample, even for “heavy tail” samples.


Built-in Drop Deflector

Reduces operator mistakes from misplacing or forgetting to insert drop deflector.


Fast Heater Cooling

2 powerful fans ensure quick heater and flask cooling after the test is finished (or if the operator chooses to abort the test prematurely, too).


Prepare Guide

Every detail counts. Whether it is a clean condenser or a correct heater plate size, many small details will influence the test behavior and results. The Prepare Guide helps the operator to strictly follow all the essential steps to performing a method compliant distillation test and achieve excellent and repeatable test results. For experienced operators, the Prepare Guide can be switched off in the administrator access screen.


Automatic Heater Lift

The new automatic heater lift applies the correct upward pressure to the flask and automatically lowers the heater after each test

STARDist Lite Semi-Automatic Distillation Unit

Built with the same hardware components as its fully automatic brother STARDist, the Lite version is meant for those looking for the best quality available in a manual distillation instrument.

STARDist Lite

The semi-automatic distillation unit for manual distillation testing



Based on the cabinet of the fully automatic distillation unit STARDist, STARDist Lite is built with the same high quality hardware, and equipped with many of STARDist’s advanced features such as the solid state condenser unit, low mass/low voltage heating system, automatic heater lift, double fans for fast heater cooling, built-in touch screen and the operator friendly flask installer.


Programmable condenser temperature settings (including “ramp-up” function) and programmable initial heat settings make for a more hands-off approach and increase the repeatability of distillation behaviour and results. The automatic heater lift and heater cooling increase the operator-ease even further.

Condenser Cooling

Liquid-free condenser cooling equipped with peltier elements and heat-pipe assisted heat sinks ensures powerful and maintenance friendly operation. Temperature “ramp up” function to prevent wax forming in the condenser tube when testing heavy products.


Flask Installer

The simple and elegant flask holder design ensures easy and correct positioning of the distillation flask for both 125 ml and 200 ml flasks. Moreover it ensures that the probe‘s height in relation to the flask’s side arm is always correct.


The low mass / low voltage heater provides accurate and powerful heating control, both for situations where more as well as where less heat is to be applied quickly.


Fire Extinguisher

Sensitive UV fire detection sensor and connection to N / CO2 for built-in fire extinguisher


Automatic Heater Lift

The new automatic heater lift applies the correct upward pressure to the flask and shortens the after-test cooling period by automatically lowering the heater when the test is finished.


Advanced diagnostics

The instrument is equipped with software for advanced diagnostics and settings for service and maintenaince. Options include: monitoring mains voltages sine wave, fuse protection setting, diagnostics for heater, condenser, internal sensors and more.


Touch screen interface

STARDist Lite is equipped with a touch screen (iPod Touch) that lets users control the heater lift, heater power, condenser temperature and fans for heater cooling. In combination with the AirProbe D86 digital temperature sensor it offers a wide range of functions for semiautomatic D86 testing


Fast Heater Cooling

2 adjustable and powerful fans ensure quick heater and flask cooling after the test is finished.

Benefits of the built-in solid state condenser cooling unit include:

  • Easy operation, no water or ice filling
  • Fast cooling interactions powerful Peltier elements for quick cooling or heating of condenser
  • Accurate temperature according to method
  • Ramping mode to prevent both evaporation loss and waxing within one distillation
  • Reliable configuration no liquids or moving parts: maintenance friendly
  • Built-in; small instrument footprint
  • CFC free


The low mass/low voltage heater is equipped with a reflection system that provides a 30% increase of heat efficiency!


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