SPECTROSCAN IS – X-ray Absorption Sulfur Analyzer 

SPECTROSCAN IS - X-ray Absorption Sulfur Analyzer

X-ray absorption sulfur analyzer SPECTROSCAN IS is designed to determine the mass fraction of sulfur, from 0.04% to 6.0%, in the flow of oil / oil products


X-ray absorption sulfur analyzer “SPECTROSCAN IS” is designed to determine the mass fraction of sulfur from 0.04% to 6.0% in the flow of oil / oil products.

Oil enters a flow cell designed for pressures up to 63 bar and flow rates up to 200 L / m, where it is illuminated by X-ray tube radiation, which is attenuated by the oil flow and recorded by a detector. The signal registered by the detector is automatically recalculated, using the built-in computer, into the value of the mass fraction of sulfur.

The analyzer is used for technological control during the transportation and storage of oil, as well as during mixing (copounding) operations, it can be placed both as part of the oil quality measurement unit   ( OQI), the oil quantity and quality measurement system ( OQQI), and autonomously.

Structurally, the analyzer is a complete factory-readiness product with a block-modular design and includes all the necessary functional devices to ensure efficient and safe operation.

 The capabilities of the device for solving a specific problem require separate clarification.

Characteristics of Spectroscan IS

Structurally, the analyzer is a complete factory-readiness product. Supplied in two versions: two-piece or one-piece.

The analyzer can have options:

– two (one) shut-off nodes without NC function [1]

– two (one) shut-off nodes with NZ function [2] ;

– two (one) manual shut-off units [3] ;

– function of thermal stabilization of internal electronic components;

– fan for additional cooling of the shell;

– cabinet for outdoor performance of the analyzer;

– frame for fastening;

– temperature version:

from + 10 ° С to + 40 ° С

from – 20 ° С to + 40 ° С.


Analyzer characteristics: 


Oil and petroleum products

Defined indicator

Mass fraction of sulfur

Range of measured sulfur content,%

from 0.04 to 6.0

RMSD of repeatability, at exposure of 100 s and maximum spread of density of the working medium

for sulfur content 0.1% – 65 mg / kg

for sulfur content 2.5% – 92 mg / kg

Pressure in the flow cell, MPa

up to 6.3

Working environment temperature, ° С

up to 35

Sample flow rate, l / min

up to 200

Ambient temperature, ° С

from – 20 to +40


4-20mA interface:

– density;

– the content of chloride salts;

– water content.


4-20mA interface :

– sulfur content;

– working environment temperature.


RS-485 (Modbus RTU)

Warning and alarm signaling

Two pairs of dry contacts are used.

Hydraulic circuit control

– shut-off units with explosion-proof [4] electric drives and the function of automatic flow cut-off when the power is turned off;

– overpressure relief valve;

– taps for drainage and / or supply of liquid samples through a separate circuit

Loop connection


Ex – marking

1Ex d IIB T4 Gb X

Single measurement time, s

from 10 to 240 (adjustable)

Protection degree according to GOST 14254, not lower


Supply voltage, V


Power consumption, VA

no more than 1000

Device weight, kg

no more than 400

Device dimensions, no more (LxWxH), mm


[1] The shut-off units are equipped with drives without automatic flow cut-off when the supply voltage is interrupted.

[2] The shut-off assemblies are equipped with drives with an automatic flow cut-off function when the supply voltage is cut off.

[3] Shutoff assemblies with manual flow shutoff control.

[4] Optional

Benefits of Spectroscan IS

SPECTROSCAN IS is a proprietary development of NPO SPECTRON (St. Petersburg), manufactured using mainly domestic units and components, manufactured in explosion-proof design  .

  • the analyzer is fully automated and  does not require daily maintenance;
  • operating temperature from -20 to + 40 ° С;
  • the ability to change the measurement time to improve the efficiency of control;
  • the analyzer has certificates of explosion, X-ray and electrical safety;
  • taking into account the influence of density, water content and chloride salts on the analysis results;

Currently, there are no standardized methods for determining the mass fraction of total sulfur in the flow of oil or petroleum products by the X-ray absorption method.

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