SPECTROSCAN SUL is  designed to determine the mass fraction of sulfur in oil and petroleum products in accordance with GOST 32139-2019 (ASTM D4294), but can also be used to determine low sulfur content in automotive fuels of the third, fourth and fifth classes.
With a lower limit for the quantitative determination of sulfur from 3 ppm ,  SPECTROSCAN SUL  provides the user with the capabilities of wavelength dispersive analyzers, while retaining all the advantages of energy dispersive analyzers: small size, simplicity, low cost and highest reliability.

spectroscan sul

The analyzer allows you to determine ultra-low sulfur content from 3 ppm and is designed to measure the mass fraction of sulfur in oil and petroleum products in accordance with GOST R 51947-2002, GOST 32139-2019, GOST R EN ISO 20847-2010 / GOST ISO 20847-2014.
Implements an arbitration method for measuring the mass fraction of sulfur in class II motor fuel, jet fuel, marine fuel and aviation gasoline.

The analyzer greatly simplifies the routine analysis of oil and oil products for sulfur content.

Operator actions are minimized:
– enter the sample number / name from the built-in keyboard;  
– the sample is poured into two cuvettes;  
– the obtained samples are placed in the analyzer and measurements are started.

The analyzer performs all subsequent actions automatically without operator participation:
– calculates the difference between the results of measuring the mass fraction of sulfur in the first and second samples of the sample;    
– calculates and displays the average value of the mass fraction of sulfur;   
– prints the measurement results on the built-in printer. 

 The capabilities of the device for solving a specific problem require separate clarification.
Characteristics of Spectroscan SUL

The analyzer is a desktop, compact device, which is controlled by a built-in microprocessor computer. A thermal printer, keyboard and display are built into the analyzer case.

The unique side-positioning of the sample cuvette in the cuvette compartment eliminates the need for additional protection against sample spillage. The sample is located as close as possible to the tube and detector, which allows achieving a record sensitivity for instruments of this class.

Analytical parameters

The element being defined

S (sulfur)

Detection limit in 200 s

1.5 ppm

Sulfur mass fraction measurement range

Two ranges

– from 0.0003% to 0.100% 

(from 3 ppm to 1000 ppm);

– St. 0.100% to 5.00%

(over 1000 ppm to 50,000 ppm);

Sulfur line isolation method

Energy dispersive channel with spectral filter

Measurement time of two parallel samples (1 sample)

from 2 minutes



Sample loader

Lateral, one sample (automatic)

Cuvettes: diameter, volume

Ø 32 mm, V 8 cm 3

Ø 32 mm, V 8 cm 3 , ventilated

X-ray tube power

up to 5.0 W


Built-in display and thermal printer

Overall dimensions and weight (no more)

360х380х180 mm, 8.5 kg

Energy consumption

220 V, ~ 50 Hz, 100 W

Benefits of Spectroscan SUL

Due to the specially developed design of the analyzer, as well as the applied technical and design solutions:
– no need to purge the measuring path with helium;  
– limit of quantitative determination from 3 ppm ;
– the analyzer is easy to use, no commissioning is required;  
– the characteristics of the analyzer make it possible to use it in mobile laboratories;  
– lateral location of the sample allows: 

       – eliminate errors caused by the presence of water and air bubbles in oil products;

       – to exclude oil contamination of internal units of the analyzer;

       – eliminate the error associated with contamination of the additional protective film;

       – easy to clean cuvette compartment; 

– information about the sample and the analysis result are displayed on the display and printed out on the built-in printer;  
– special ventilated cuvettes have been developed for the analyzer, allowing the analysis of volatile oil products.  
The analyzer has the ability to connect to a personal computer for integration into LIMS, as well as solving non-standard tasks.


White oil in a package (500 ml)
Cuvette (32 mm, for petroleum products) (100 pcs.)
Vented cuvette, 32 mm diameter (100 pcs.)
Standard sample of the mass fraction of sulfur in mineral oil (3 ppm)
Standard sample of the mass fraction of sulfur in mineral oil oil (600 ppm)
Mineral oil sulfur standard (0.1%)
Mineral oil sulfur
standard (5.0%) Mineral oil sulfur standard (1.0%)
Thermal printer paper
Sample for setting Mo
Polyethylene terephthalate film 3 μm (roll 100 m)

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