Liquid Chromatography Autosampler

YL9150 Plus LC Autosampler

YL9150 Plus LC Autosampler provides enhanced efficiency with large sample capacity of 120 samples (2ml) and reduced carry over <0.04%.


Newly launched YL9150 Plus LC Autosampler developed by our own technology can provide the enhanced efficiency of analysis with fast injection and enlarged sample capacity. The spray-type rinsing reduces the carry-over by washing off the contamination and the direct injection leads the low sample consumption. The leak sensor and the automatic tray sensor ensure the process safety as well as the LED inside of equipment allows users to see its operation.


• Sample capacity : Up to 120 samples (2 ml vial), 80 samples (4 ml vial)
• Carry over : < 0.04% with standard wash
Typically < 0.02% with extra wash
• Reproducibility : RSD < 0.3% for full loop injections
RSD < 0.5% for partial loopfill injections (Injection volume > 5 μL)
RSD < 1.0% for μl pick-up injections (Injection volume > 5 μL)
• Injection volume : 1 μL-400 μL, with 0.1 μL increment
• Sample cooling : 4 °C-40 °C (Option)
• Sample loop : 20, 50, 100 μL (Standard)


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YL9150 LC Autosampler

YL9150 LC autosampler with 96 sample capacity (2 ml) is for HPLC’s automatic injection for dedicated solutions of high sample throughput.


We provide YL9150 autosampler for a variety of tasks, ranging from general HPLC needs up tp dedicated solutions for high sample throughput. The autosampler for HPLC using state of the art injection technology with fast injection and wash cycles utilizes efficient needle wash for low carry-over. Its Pressure Assisted Sample Aspiration (PASA™) concept avoids sample-syringe contact and air bubbles.

The sample cooling & heating is available as an option. The compact, stackable design and its economic pricing makes this autosampler the best choice for a large variety of HPLC applications.


· Injection Range: 1ul~5000ul, 1ul increments, 500ul syringe
· Sample Capacity: 2 well plates 96 or 384 (deep or shallow)
96 vials (1.5ml), 24 vials (10ml) : Option for Prep-scale
· Injection Precision: RSD for injection volume > 10 ul
Full-loop: 0.3 % / Partial-loop: 0.5% / ul-pick-up: 1.0 %
· Carry-over: <0.05% (as flush-out characteristic for a nonsticking compound)


ManufacturerProduct NameTitle
YOUNG IN ChromassYL9150 LC AutosamplerYL9150 LC Autosampler CatalogueDownload
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