Stomacher 400 EVO

Experience the EVOlution of the Seward Stomacher®

Stomacher 400 Circulator

The golden standard in food sample preparation

Stomacher 80 Biomaster

Small tissue processing solutions in clinical and life science microbiology.

Stomacher 3500/4500

The Stomacher® blender of choice for large volume applications

Stomacher Bags & Accessories

Genuine sterile Stomacher® bags for blending, straining and storage of samples.

Insterprep Sterile Media

Instantly soluble, sterile, granulated media to speed up and simplify sample preparation


Provide an accurate and economical alternative to pipette tips

Stomacher 400 EVO blender

The World’s leading laboratory blender for food microbiologists has EVOlved.

Introducing the Stomacher® 400 EVO, the new sample preparation solution that combines stress-free working with for your laboratory

The Stomacher 400 EVO

  • Unique one-touch bag loading system
  • Quiet and efficient blending
  • Easy clean interior with removable paddles, drip tray and access to paddle chamber
  • Designed to work with our new Eco bag range for extra savings
  • Same reliability and quality you expect from a Seward Stomacher®

The all new design of the Seward Stomacher 400 EVO blender combines the gold standard attributes of the original Stomacher® 400 with improved, easy-to-use features. Providing maximum performance while minimising noise and consumable waste.

Easy to use

  • Unique ‘one touch’ bag loading system minimises sample bag handling, saving time and reducing the risk of sample contamination
  • Simple programmable screen display enables complete control of processing, for consistent results with minimum effort

Easy to clean

  • Front cover and strike plate can be removed to provide easy access to paddle chamber and detachable paddles for simple and thorough cleaning
  • Removable drip tray allows for easy cleaning, saving time in day-to-day use

Quiet Operation

  • Double aperture seal, isolated chassis, and fully enclosed casing result in silent operation, reducing stress and disruptions to other lab work
  • Rubber base with anti-vibrational technology eliminates bench movements and reduces noise

 Saves Costs

  • Designed for use with both standard and new Stomacher® 400 Eco bags
        •  Quick and simple Eco paddle conversion can save up to 30% in consumable cost and significantly reduce plastic waste

Stomacher 400 EVO blender

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