Stomacher 400 EVO

Experience the EVOlution of the Seward Stomacher®

Stomacher 400 Circulator

The golden standard in food sample preparation

Stomacher 80 Biomaster

Small tissue processing solutions in clinical and life science microbiology.

Stomacher 3500/4500

The Stomacher® blender of choice for large volume applications

Stomacher Bags & Accessories

Genuine sterile Stomacher® bags for blending, straining and storage of samples.

Insterprep Sterile Media

Instantly soluble, sterile, granulated media to speed up and simplify sample preparation


Provide an accurate and economical alternative to pipette tips

Insterprep Sterile Media

Insterprep® is a range of instantly soluble, sterile, granulated media specifically designed to speed up and simplify sample preparation for microbiological analysis.

Insterprep media bags

Instantly soluble, pre-measured, sterile media in a Stomacher® bag. Simply add sterile distilled water and your sample as per your protocol.

Insterprep sachets

Instantly soluble, sterile media granules, ready to use. Just add to your own Stomacher® bags. Choose the Insterprep sachet that fits your protocol needs.

Why Insterprep®?

Current day laboratories are under constant strain. Customers want accurate results faster and cheaper.

In a highly competitive marketplace, the laboratories that thrive do so by investing in up-to-date technology, creating workflow efficiencies and improving responsiveness to an increasingly demanding market.

The Insterprep range of products is designed to help forward thinking laboratories achieve these goals.

Cut waste and cost

  • Reduce costs by cutting preparation time and reallocating resources
  • Minimise waste by just preparing what you need
  • Eliminate media preparation bottlenecks. No more waiting or workflow delays.

Manage laboratory resources more efficiently

  • Respond flexibly to the demands of a busy schedule
  • Increase productivity through better control of lab resources and output
  • Improve laboratory workflow

Dependable results for real confidence

  • Accurate, reliable sample preparation
  • Visible traceability
  • Manufactured to ISO standards (ISO 9001, ISO 13485)


 No WasteLow odour & powder residueEasy to ship & store      
Powdered media  ✔ 
Prepared liquid media ✔ ✔
Other granulated media sachets✔✔✔ 
INSTERPREP®✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔ *

*Insterprep media bags. Average time from opening bag, weighing sample and adding sterile distilled water.

Insterprep Sterile Media

Insterprep Sterile Media

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