Micro Centrifuge

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Space- and energy-saving micro centrifuge with adequate power for routine centrifugations.


• speed 7000 /min, max RCF 2680 x g
• lid must be closed for operation mode
• safety: the lid can only be opened when the rotor is not rotating
• rapid start and stop within seconds
• power supply AC100-240V/50Hz/60Hz
• diameter 150 mm, height 117 mm, weight 0.5 kg
• 1 year guarantee
• supplied complete with two rotors:
rotor 1 for: 8 microcentrifuge tubes 0.5 ml till 2.0ml
rotor 2 for: 16 microcentrifuge tubes 0.2 ml or two pcr strips of 8 tubes 0.2 ml

Order No.ProductPackaging unit
7100007Micro Centrifuge for PCR Strips and Microcentrifuge Tubes1 pc.

Thermocult Incubator


Compact incubator for bacteriology. Fixed temperature setting at 35 ±2 °C, adjustable up to 42°C, with built-in control thermometer. Glass-clear plasticdoor for visual control. The incubator can be placed on work benches or set up on walls.


• inside size (W x D x H): 210 x 145 x 110 mm, for up to 20 tissue cultures or 8 petri dishes

• outsidesize(WxDxH): 300x170x150mm

• weight: approx. 1.3 kg, power: 220 V, 30 W

• shelf available separately

• 2 year guarantee

Order No.ProductPackaging unit
9022000ratiolab® thermocult incubator1 pc.
9022001Shelf for thermocult incubator1 pc.

5-Channel Coagulometer CC-4000


We present 5 channels coagulometer CC-4000, which executes all basic coagulational determination by chronometrical method, method of the usage of chrom substrate and immunochemical method (D-dimer).

Range of Determinations:
1. Basic coagulology:

  • PT (time, index PT, index Quick, INR, Fibrinogen with PT)
  • APTT (time, ratio)
  • TT (time, ratio)
  • Fibrinogen (Clauss method – g/l, mg/dl)
  • Faktors

2. Chrome substrate:

  • AT III (% activity)
  • Plasminogen
  • Protein C
  • Alfa-2-antyplasmin (∝₂ -AP)

3. D-Dimer

  • (µg/l)

For all determinations the tested material (sample) is taken and prepared as in case of the typical coagulational determinations.




  • measurements: length of the light wave: 405 nm, „micro-method“ – 50µl of the sample and the reagents
  • automatic reading of the result
  • automatic zero rotation
  • storage of 4000 final results, 34 various calibration curves and referential values in the memory supply after the disconnection
  • automatic systems of the turbidity compensation (the possibility of the determination of lipemic, hemolysed and icteric plasmas)
  • compensation of the sample and cuvette fogging
  • short period of the determination for substrata and D-dimer: 30-180s
  • programming of the measures, types of results and prints
  • display: graphic in English, 4 stop-watches of the incubation, built-in clock with date-marker, „Stand-by“ functions
  • printer: built-in quick thermal printer 110 mm, printing of the summary, field results, calibration curves, course of the reaction, control and norms time, indexation of the beyond standards
  • interfaces RS232 for the connection with computer‘s network
  • connector USB for barcode leader
  • dimensions and weight: 43 x 37 x 12 cm, 5 kg
Order No.ProductPackaging unit
9022028Slamed 5-Channel Coagulometer CC-40001 pc.
9022030Slamed Test cuvettes for Coagulometer1000 pc.

Dispenser - Digital Burette



Digital Burette DB

A Digital Burette, which meets the demands of fast and sensitive titration.

  • fast titration, because the operator himself controls the velocity of the piston stroke

  • exact titration with the resolution 0.01 ml and accuracy of 0.2%

  • large titration volume range up to 99.99 ml

  • the internal memory can store up to 500 measuring values of serial


  • refilling and air purging performance without loss of reagent.

  • push button selection for either „Titration“ or „Dispense“ function

  • titration display: 99.99 ml

  • temperature: 15-40°C

    Remarks: Not to be used with hyxdrofluoric acid or solutions which are aggressive to Platinum-Irydium, PTFE, FEP or Tefzel. Avoid crystallising or corpuscular liquids.


Volume ml

Subdivision ml

Accuracy %

Precision %

Quantity per Pack

Order N

    50                                      0.01                               0.2                                0.1                                   1                                    29 70 014

Bottle Top Dispenser

Bottle-Top Dispenser

Bottle-Top Dispenser for accurate and rapid dispensing of small and large volumes directly from any original reagent bottle
The precise bottle dosing apparatus with outparallax errors in volume adjustment.

Six models within the range 0.25ml to 100 ml

  • easy and reliable volume adjustment, protected against unintended alteration

  • the valve block is 360° rotatable

  • 100% drip free system for your safety at work: just turn the discharge

    tube at 180° to drain it and avoid further uncontrolled flow of liquid

  • fully autoclavable at 121°C, can be completely disassembled for cleaning

  • the components directly in contact with the reagent are made of chemical

    resistant materials: platinum spring, ceramic valve balls, PTFE piston,

    borosilicate glass 3.3 cylinder

  • use for nearly all liquids

  • do not use for PTFE swelling solvents, hydrofluoric acid, chemical

    solutions which react with platinum-iridium alloys

  • each device is tested individually and delivered with conformity certificate

Electronic Pipette - ratiolab® Accupetta Electronic Pipetting Aid

Order No.ProductPackaging unit
3200300ratiolab® Accupetta, elektronic pipet aid1 pc.
3200301Spare silicone adapter1 pc.
3200302Spare filter hydrophobic, 0.2 µm5 pc.
3200303Spare filter hydrophobic, 0.45 µm5 pc.
3200306Battery for Accupetta2 pc.
3200309Battery charger for Accupetta1 pc.
3200311Adaptor for charger plug1 pc.
3200312Wall mounting for Accupetta1 pc.
Order No.ProductPackaging unit
9420025Slamed pipet stand for 6 pipets1 pc.
9420026Slamed pipet stand for 4 pipets1 pc.
9420027Slamed pipet stand for Multichannel pipets1 pc.
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