Micro Ball Mill

Feed size: <10mm Final fineness: <5μm Speed:180~1800rpm

Micro Ball Mill GT300


The Micro ball mill GT300 is designed for modern laboratory applications. It can process small amount and large batch sample, for example: plants, animal tissue and small quantity samples in dry ,wet or cryogenic condition. It can mix and homogenize powders and suspensions in only a few seconds. It is also perfectly suitable for the disruption of biological cells as well as for DNA/RNA and protein extraction.


○  Sample type:hard, soft, elastic and fibrous samples
○  Typical sample
plant root, stem, leaf, grain, seed; human and animal tissue, viscera, bone, hair; mineral, soil, glass, ceramic, rubber, plastic, solid waste, electronic waste, paper, textile, chemical, medicine, food.
Grinding,mixing and cell disruption
The Micro ball mill GT300 is designed for modern laboratory applications. It can process 2 pcs and large batch samples simultaneously in 30 seconds, the sample volume from 0.2ml to 50ml. It meets the requirements of high throughput grinding extremely.
Working Principle
The Micro Ball Mill can grind 2*96 samples quickly and efficiently only with 1-3min. The grinding jars of the GT300 perform horizontal oscillation in high frequency. The inertia of the grinding balls causes them to impact with high energy on the sample material and grind it. The movement of the grinding jars and balls result in the intensive grinding and mixing of the samples.
Features and advantages
○ Suitable for dry,wet and freezing grinding.
○ Extremely short processing time.
○ Designed for high sample throughput, up to 192 sample preparations.
○ It can mix and homogenize samples efficiently.
○ Wide range of grinding jars and accessories for  extensive applications.
○ Pre-setting of all working parameters digitally, the result is repeatable.
○ The transparent window on the upper lid allows the user to check the grinding situation at any time.
○ The upper lid has a safety lock device, when the upper lid is opened in the grinding process, the motor will stop running to ensure the user personal safety.
○ Program setting can control the operation time, interim grinding and program storage etc.
Technical Data
Feed size<10mm
Final fineness<5μm
Time setting00:01~99:59(min/s)
Sample volume0.2~20ml
Rated power200W
Power supply220V,50Hz/60Hz
Instrument size(W*D*H)366*502*335mm
Package size(W*D*H)460*380*660mm

Order Information

(The below is only partial information of items, for more details please contact  POWTEQ)

 Item No. 
 24.890.0001Micro Ball Mill GT300,220V,50/60Hz(Please order grinding jars and balls separately)
 Grinding jars (screw threads twisting design)
01.863.000125 ml,hardened steel
01.863.00025ml,stainless steel
01.863.000310ml,stainless steel
01.863.000425ml,stainless steel
01.863.000535ml,stainless steel
01.863.000650ml,stainless steel
For more materials of grinding jars,please contact with POWTEQ
 Accessories for cold grinding
 02.863.0007cryo kit for cooling the grinding jars with liquid nitrogen
 Accessories for cell disruption
02.863.0008PTFE adapter for 5 reaction vials 1.5ml/2.0ml, plastic
02.863.0009PTFE adapter for 10 reaction vials 1.5ml/2.0ml, plastic
02.863.0010PTFE adapter for 6 reaction vials 5.0ml, plastic
02.863.0011PTFE adapter for 6 reaction vials 5.0ml, PC
02.863.0012PTFE adapter for 24 reaction vials 1.5ml/2.0ml, plastic
02.863.0034PTFE adapter for 32 reaction vials 1.5ml/2.0ml, plastic
02.863.0013Adapter for 96 reaction vials 0.2-1.2ml, 8 vials ,plastic
02.863.0014Adapter for 96 reaction vials 0.2-1.2ml, integrated, plastic
 Grinding balls
02.863.01011mm ø ,(500g)
02.863.01022mm ø , (500g)
02.863.01033 mm ø, (500g)
02.863.01045 mm ø , (500g)
02.863.01057 mm ø , (500g)
02.863.010610 mm ø, (500g)
02.863.010712 mm ø, (500g)
02.863.010815 mm ø, (500g)
02.863.010920 mm ø ,(1pc)
02.863.011025 mm ø ,(1pc)
02.863.011130 mm ø , (1pc)
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