slamed pipette and pipette stand

Pipet L

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The PIPETTE L meets all the demands for sterile liquid handling in microbiological and molecularbiological laboratories. It is fully autoclavable and resistant to UV-light. Easy volume setting by turning the pushbutton avoids jamming the gloves in the knurled screw.

Low spring forces of pipetting stroke and tip ejector accommodate the daily work without hand fatigue. With ten pipette models the volume range is covered from 0,2 μl up to 10 ml.


  • perfect measuring results
  • fully autoclavable and UV-light resistant
  • volume settings by pushbutton
  • grooved handle reduces the influence of handwarmth
  • fatigue free operation because of ergonomic designed handle and reduced spring forces
  • adjustable lenght of tip ejector enables the use of any brand of pipette tips
  • maintenance free, all components are manufactured either from stainless steel or chemical resistant plastics
  • filters in the shafts protect the 5 ml and 10 ml pipettes against overfilling and contamination
Order No.ProductPackaging unit
4770001Slamed Micropipette Adjustable L2 (0,1-2µl)1 pc.
4770002Slamed Micropipette Adjustable L10 (0.5-10 µl)1 pc.
4770003Slamed Micropipette Adjustable L20 (2-20 µl)1 pc.
4770004Slamed Micropipette Adjustable L50 (5-50 µl)1 pc.
4770005Slamed Micropipette Adjustable L100 (10-100 µl)1 pc.
4770006Slamed Micropipette Adjustable L200 (20-200 µl)1 pc.
4770007Slamed Micropipette Adjustable L250 (50-250 µl)1 pc.
4770008Slamed Micropipette Adjustable L1000 (100-1000 µl)1 pc.
4770009Slamed Micropipette Adjustable L5000 (1000-5000 µl)1 pc.
4770010Slamed Micropipette Adjustable L10000 (1000-10000 µl)1 pc.

Pipet CP


Fixed volume pipette with tip ejector. For every laboratory in every field. Highest performance for the best price. 

33 PIPETTE CP models within the range 2 to 1000 μl.



  • excellent precision and accuracy in measurement of liquids
  • ergonomic design of handle for easy and pleasant work
  • easy removal of tip ejector when working with narrow test tubes
  • piston made of chemically resistant material
  • built in special system eliminating pipetting error
  • maintenance free
  • fully autoclavable
  • individual quality certificate with each unit
  • the pipet is made of materials resistant to corrosive agents
Order No.ProductPackaging unit
4770031Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP2 (2 µl)1 pc.
4770032Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP5 (5 µl)1 pc.
4770033Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP7 (7 µl)1 pc.
4770034Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP10 (10 µl)1 pc.
4770035Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP15 (15 µl)1 pc.
4770036Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP20 (20 µl)1 pc.
4770037Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP25 (25 µl)1 pc.
4770038Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP30 (30 µl)1 pc.
4770039Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP40 (40 µl)1 pc.
4770040Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP44 (44 µl)1 pc.
4770041Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP50 (50 µl)1 pc.
4770042Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP60 (60 µl)1 pc.
4770055Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP400 (400 µl)1 pc.
4770056Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP450 (450 µl)1 pc.
4770057Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP500 (500 µl)1 pc.
4770058Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP600 (600 µl)1 pc.
4770059Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP700 (700 µl)1 pc.
4770060Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP750 (750 µl)1 pc.
4770061Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP800 (800 µl)1 pc.
4770062Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP900 (900 µl)1 pc.
4770063Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP1000 (1000 µl)1 pc.
4770043Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP70 (70 µl)1 pc.
4770044Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP75 (75 µl)1 pc.
4770045Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP80 (80 µl)1 pc.
4770046Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP90 (90 µl)1 pc.
4770047Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP100 (100 µl)1 pc.
4770048Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP120 (120 µl)1 pc.
4770049Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP150 (150 µl)1 pc.
4770050Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP200 (200 µl)1 pc.
4770051Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP200A (200 µl)1 pc.
4770052Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP220 (220 µl)1 pc.
4770053Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP250 (250 µl)1 pc.
4770054Slamed Micropipette Fixed Volume CP300 (300 µl)1 pc.

Pipet OLV


The adjustable PIPETTE OLV is a robust and reliable tool for sample handling in medical and chemical laboratories.

The volume range of samples from 0,1μl up to 10 ml is covered by ten pipette models. An ergonomic shaped handle and low spring forces contribute to reducing hand fatigue.


  • perfect measuring results
  • clear reading of the counter display
  • grooved handle reduces the influence of the hand warmth
  • less hand fatigue because of ergonomic design and low spring forces
  • adjustable lenght of tip ejector
  • maintenance free: only stainless steel, chemical and UV-light resistant components
  • filters protect the 5 and 10 ml pipettes against overfilling and contamination
Order No.ProductPackaging unit
4770011Slamed Micropipette Adjustable OLV2 (0.1-2 µl)1 pc.
4770012Slamed Micropipette Adjustable OLV10 (0.5-10 µl)1 pc.
4770013Slamed Micropipette Adjustable OLV20 (2-20 µl)1 pc.
4770014Slamed Micropipette Adjustable OLV50 (5-50 µl)1 pc.
4770015Slamed Micropipette Adjustable OLV100 (10-100 µl)1 pc.
4770016Slamed Micropipette Adjustable OLV200 (20-200 µl)1 pc.
4770017Slamed Micropipette Adjustable OLV250 (50-250 µl)1 pc.
4770018Slamed Micropipette Adjustable OLV1000 (100-1000 µl)1 pc.
4770019Slamed Micropipette Adjustable OLV5000 (1000-5000 µl)1 pc.
4770020Slamed Micropipette Adjustable OLV10000 (1000-10000 µl)1 pc.

Pipet ME and MT - Multichannel Pipette


The fully autoclavable PIPETTES ME/MT are specially designed for working with gloves under sterile conditions. The volume range from 1μl to 300 μl is covered by 4 models each in the 8- and 12-channel versions.

The patented manifold system ensures individual tight sealing of the pipette tips on each channel.



  • perfect measuring results
  • fully autoclavable and UV-light resistant
  • volume settings by pushbutton avoids snatching the gloves
  • ergonomic design, handle can be turned to an individual convenient position
  • patented system makes manual corrections of the tip sealing redundant
  • maintenance free: all components are manufactured either from stainless steel or chemical resistant plastics
  • each pipette comes with quality certificate, holder and calibration key
Order No.ProductPackaging unit
4770064Slamed 8-Channel Pipette ME10 (1-10 µl)1 pc.
4770065Slamed 8-Channel Pipette ME50 (5-50 µl)1 pc.
4770066Slamed 8-Channel Pipette ME200 (20-200 µl)1 pc.
4770067Slamed 8-Channel Pipette ME300 (50-300 µl)1 pc.
4770068Slamed 12-Channel Pipette MT10 (1-10 µl)1 pc.
4770069Slamed 12-Channel Pipette MT50 (5-50 µl)1 pc.
4770070Slamed 12-Channel Pipette MT200 (20-200 µl)1 pc.
4770071Slamed 12-Channel Pipette MT300 (50-300 µl)1 pc.

Pipet Stand slamed®


Convenient and safe storage of pipets.

  • rotating stand for up to 6 pipets
  • pipet stand made of plexiglas for multichannel pipets and up to 4 pipets
Order No.ProductPackaging unit
9420025Slamed pipet stand for 6 pipets1 pc.
9420026Slamed pipet stand for 4 pipets1 pc.
9420027Slamed pipet stand for Multichannel pipets1 pc.
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