Prime Pro 48 Real-time qPCR machine

The Prime Pro 48 real time qPCR system is a new, high specification, economically priced real time thermal cycler from Techne. Made in the UK, the Prime Pro 48 features the highest thermal block uniformity and fastest run time of any block-based qPCR system on the market.

High thermal uniformity and validated sample volumes down to 5ul ensures Prime Pro 48 allows researchers to bring run times for an optimised 40 cycle reaction down to only 15 minutes. qPCR efficiency relies on precise temperature control during the denaturation and annealing steps. For the highest accuracy, temperature must remain uniform across the plate, ensuring that all samples are processed equally. The unique thermal block design of Prime Pro 48 achieves this with aunique heating and cooling system that quickly cycles from one temperature to the next and then achieves a uniform ±0.1°C in every well of the block within a fraction of a second of reaching each dwell temperature. No other block-based qPCR system can achieve similar performance.

The capacity of Prime Pro 48 accommodates a unique and economical 48-well qPCR plate. The well format mirrors a 384-well plate therefore allowing the use of 16-channel pipettes. The small qPCR plate cuts reagent costs in half whilst still producing a strong fluorescence signal. Minimizing the plate size also significantly improves thermal uniformity and greatly reduces run times.

• 40 cycles in 40 minutes before optimisation.
• 40 cycles in 15 minutes when optimised.
• Genotype in 4 minutes with over 99% accuracy.
• Set up a 4plex reaction in only 4 mouse clicks.

• MIQE compliant – always consistent, always compliant.
• Instant settle time to achieve world leading uniformity of ±0.1°C across the block – any well, any instrument – consistent results in any system.
• 400 analyte specific qPCR reagent kits available.
• Demo equipment available to evaluate in your own lab.

• Consistent results provide trust and confidence. Well-to-well, run-to-run , machine-to-machine.
• Compile data from multiple experiments. Pool plates and results across labs and instruments.
• Record every well, with every filter, in every cycle. Never miss a data point.
• Adaptive LED Control means you never have uncertainty of saturated unknowns, no bleaching though light to neighbouring wells or maximising the wide dynamic range. Trust results are correct. 
• All other block-based qPCR machines have lower uniformity. If you perform Next Generation Sequencing, any other instrument than Prime Pro 48 is risking your NGS, with significant cost implications.

• No other qPCR system offers so much performance for such a low price.
• Available as a complete system – Techne instrument, plates, seals and reagents.
• Alternatively, is chemically open platform – use your preferred supplier reagents.
• Lowest price per run – use duplicates and low sample volumes. Don’t waste money with triplicates and large sample volumes.
• Everything as standard – no add-ons, HRM as standard, unlimited software licence. 
• Highly accurate and uniform qPCR prevents means successful NGS runs and significant moneysaving.

• ±0.1°C uniformity across the whole block instantly after every temperature change means that any well, in any instrument, provides same answer
• HRM – Identify Class IV SNP >99.9% of the time
• Unsurpassed block uniformity with patented block technology enables the researcher to use duplicates on Prime Pro 48, whereas triplicates are required on less uniform competitor machines.

High Resolution Melt


Volume per well

Validated for 5 to 20 ul

Detection sensitivity

1 copy

Temp uniformity

+- 0.1°C

Temp accuracy

+- 0.15°C @ 60°C and 95°C

Temperature range

30 to 100 degC

Average ramp rate

5.5 degC sec

Thermal system

Hollow silver block peltier-based with conductive fluid

Block format

48-well block


48-well custom plates and optical adhesive seals

Optical system

Dual LED excitation (452 to 486 nm and 542 to 582 nm)


CCD camera


4 emission filters (505 to 545nm 562 to 596nm 604 to 644nm 665 to 705nm)

Calibrated dyes


Additional dyes

All dyes within range compatible with no additional calibration

Passive reference dyes

Use of ROX is supported but optional

Data collection

Data always collected in all four filters for all wells

Plate setup

Plate setup for data analysis can be altered after run completes

Melt curve

Supports continuous data acquisition in a single filter to provide increased data point collection and reduced run times

PCR cycle time (unoptimised)

40 cycles in less than 40 minutes

PCR cycle time (FAST optimised)

40 cycles in less than 20 minutes

Dynamic range

Greater than 9 logs


Not required


Plug and play design


Discriminates 5000 and 10000 template copies with 99 percent confidence


1 year (parts and labour included)


100 to 240 V.AC


50 and 60 Hz

Nominal current draw


Peak power

500W (typical power is 180W)


Multiple license software included at no additional cost


All chemistries supported


Absolute Quantification and Relative Quantification


Allelic Discrimination and High Resolution Melt

Dimensions closed (WxDxH)

34.5cm x 31cm x 32cm (13.6 in x 12.2 in x 12.6 inches)

Dimensions open (WxDxH)

34.5cm x 31cm x 37cm (13.6 in x 12.2 in x 14.5 inches)


13.6 Kg (30 lb)

Part number



Prime Pro 48 Real Time PCR System, including Pro Dock and software (Control and Study). PC not supplied


Prime Pro additional loading dock, with 2 centrifuge adapters


Pack of 50 Real Time PCR Plates, 48-wells


Pack of 50 Real Time PCR Plate seals


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