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Beer Analysis / Milk Analysis

milk analyzer


Device for automatic analysis of beer

CryoStar 1

Device for isotonicity determination in drinks

FermentoFlash Beer Analyzer

The device for the automatic analysis of beer with easy 5-key operation, automatic calibration, and a one minute measuring time. Measures alcohol, extract, and density and also determines original wort, apparent extract, and osmotic pressure.


Including Printer
For the automatic analysis of beer. Measurement of alcohol content and extract  as well as the values derived from them: density, apparent extract, original wort and osmotic pressure.
Dimensions: ( 300x 330 x 240) mm (BxDxH),Weight: 5 kg
Cleaner:500ml, PE bottle
Funke-Gerber Zero-Diluent:for daily zero calibration5l, PE container, sufficient for more than 100 calibration
Sample Preparation
Funnel:suitable for folded filters 9512 and 9513, PE, Dimensions: d=140 mm,l=170mm
Conical flask: 1000 ml, narrow neck, borosilicate glass with graduation,DIN 12380. Dimensions: dopening=39mm,l=225mm

Beaker: 800 ml,low form, borosilicate glass with graduation and spout

Dimensions: d=94 mm,l=135
 Folded filter:100 pieces, diameter: 240 mm 100 pieces, diameter: 320 mm
Other folded filters available on request.
Ultrasonic bath R K 5 10:for degassing the beer sample and further laboratory tasks,
content: 9.7 l, made of stainless steel with timer and drain Internal dimensions:(240x150x300)mm (BxDxH),
External dimensions: (325x265x305)mm (BxDxH), Weight: 7Kg

FermentoFlash Measuring Capabilities


ConstituentMeasuring RangeRepeatability
Alcohol0.00% to 15.00%±0.02%
Extract0.00% to 10.00%±0.04%
Apparent Extract0.00% to 10.00%±0.04%
Original Wort0.00% to 20.00%±0.04%
Density0.95 to 1.05 g/cm3±0.00002 g/cm3
Osmotic PressureCalculated value
Laboratory catalog for beer analysis:  DOWNLOAD

CryoStar 1

CryoStar 1 for Isotonicity determination in drinks


This is used for isotonicity determination according to MEBAK 2.10.2.

Reference method for the measurement of osmotic pressure. Used to assess the isotonicity of drinks.

The scope of delivery includes 50 sample vials, a sample stand, two calibration standards and
500ml of cooling bath fluid. Optional printer.

Dimensions: (290x380x190)mm (BxDxH),
Weight: 12Kg



  • Forward-looking and flexible: fixed-time measurement, plateau search and maximum search features are available. All parameters relevant to these features can be programmed freely, and, of course, recroded as well. This meansthat the device can be adjusted to all national and international standards.
  • Easy-to-use: operation is menu-assisted in the language of your choice. Currently, Germain, English, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and Hungarian are available.
  • Efficient: a new cooling system provides for quick operational readiness even at high surrounding temperature (up to approx. 32°C)
  • Fast: up to 40 samples can be measured per hour, depending on the setting.
  • Multifunctional: the device has a parallel connection (for standard printers) and can be hooked up to PC with a serial interface. This makes it possible to map the freezing curves on the screen during a measurement and, when necessary, to save it. An efficient zoom function tops off the image. The software needed for this is included in the scope of delivery.
  • User-friendly: the operation of the device is uncomplicated. The percentage of infiltration water is immediately indicated and printed out. The calibration is executed automatically. All setting and calibrations are permanently saved to non-volatile storage.



cryostar 1


Connection230V / 115V CA (50…60 Hz),180 VA
Measurement resolution0,0001°C (0,1 m°C)
Reproducibility± 0,002°C (± 2,0 m°C)
Measuring range0,0000°C à -1,5000°C
Sample volume2,0 ml à 2,5 ml (recommended value: 2,2 ml)
Sample turnoverup to 40/h; typically 30/h
Interfaces1 parallel, 1 serial (RS232)
Cooling timeapprox. 15 minutes
Displaygraphic color display, freezing curve, measurement result (°C),(% infiltration water),date, time, measurement conditions
Protocol printingmeasurement result (°C),(% infiltration water),date, time, measurement conditions
Laboratory catalog for beer analysis:  DOWNLOAD
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