SER 158 Series Automatic Solvent Extractor

SER 148 Series Solvent Extractor

HU 6 Hydrolysis Unit

Accessories and Consumables

SER 158 Series Automatic Solvent Extractor

Fully automatic and cloud-enabled extractors, available in 3 and 6 positions that guarantee security, accuracy and precision in the determination of extractable matter according to Randall and Twisselmann.

Fast and accurate solid-liquid extraction

The SER 158 Series automatic solvent extractors in 3 and 6 positions are the accurate and precise solution for quantitative and qualitative extractable matter determination according to Randall method, analyzing up to 5 times faster than traditional Soxhlet

The solid-liquid extraction process removes the soluble components from solids using a liquid solvent in 5 steps. The SER 158 works in accordance with international standards such as AOAC, ISO, EPA, APHA, UNI.

Safe and powerful heating combined with advanced software and security processes guarantee reproducible extraction processes.

SER 158 is fully automated to maximize productivity and free operator time. Just Load&Go! 


Smart and easy to use

The exclusive 7″ ControlPadTM of the SER 158 has an intuitive User Interface that facilitates the set-up and interaction with the analyzer. 

The SER 158 is designed to work unattended 24/7 with Load&Go technologies, minimizing necessary operator intervention. Integrated yet removable, the ControlPadTM can be connected with a balance and barcode reader for maximum automation and traceability.

Choose from the pre-installed methods, create new ones and mark your favorites for a fast start-up. Each extraction step is visualized on the ControlPadTM along with a great set of information and options.

Results are immediately calculated and stored on the on-board memory. Three USB ports are available along with an Ethernet connection for data transfer to external devices.


Minimum exposure to solvents

The SER 158 safe SolventXpress™ technology allows smart solvent dispensing for solvent addition guaranteeing minimum exposure to solvents and ensuring operator safety.

The condensed solvent at the end of the analysis is collected in the cooled recovery tank in the back of the instrument and the solvent output is completely automatic with one click on the ControlPadTM
The SER 158 is hermetically sealed and the protective transparent cover preserves from spills and hot solvents.  Advanced sensors constantly monitor the extraction process and ensure a safe analysis during all the steps.

SafeEnd™ technology of the SER 158 prevents extracted matter burnings automatically raising the cups after the removing step. 


Compact design to save space in your lab

The SER 158 compact design saves precious space in your lab and especially under the fume hood! 

The SER 158 is the best in its category in terms of space savings thanks to VELP engineering and the completely automatic analysis step and solvent management. 


Cloud technology to raise the bar of automation

The SER 158 is designed to work automatically and unattended and with the connectivity option to VELP Ermes cloud platform, you will be able to monitor and control your analyses from a virtual cockpit wherever you are, anytime you need to avoiding routine instrument check and download of data. 

VELP Ermes is available for PC, smartphone and tablet. 

  • Real-time monitoring and notification 
  • Maximum security and data protection
  • Enhanced Service Support (VELP and partners)
  • Immediate Software Updates
  • Create and share reports, track trend and get useful insights

SER 158/6

115-230 V / 50-60 Hz

cod. S303A0380


SER 158/3

115-230 V / 50-60 Hz

cod. S303A0390


SER 158/6 without ControlPad

115-230 V / 50-60 Hz

cod. F303A0380


SER 158/3 without ControlPad

115-230 V / 50-60 Hz

cod. F303A0390

A wide range of accessories and consumables

The SER 158 automatic solvent extractor is equipped with a wide range of accessories designed to make its daily use as easy as possible and guarantee a high versatility of use.

Choose your preferred size of glasses and thimbles as well as gaskets made of high-quality materials that can be adapted to any application, as in the case of the high-quality Vaflon, which is suitable for a very wide range of solvents.

In addition to the standard accessories, the SER 158 extractor has several optional accessories to satisfy every need and guarantee the execution of the analysis in maximum safety.

POSITIONS: SER 158/3 3-positions
SER 158/6 6-positions
MAX. CAPACITY: SER 158/3 21 samples/day/unit
SER 158/6 42 samples/day/unit
SCALABILITY: SER 158/3 12-pos. (up to 4 units)
SER 158/6 24-pos. (up to 4 units)
DISPLAY: 7” color touch screen – extractable ControlPad
ACCEPTED SOLVENTS: Capable of being used with the majority of solvents
AUTOMATION: Immersion, Removing, Washing, Recovery, Cooling
LIGHTING: LED lights show active positions
HEATING ELEMENT: Glass ceramic – positions independent switch on/off
SAMPLE SIZE: 0.5 to 15 g in 33×80 mm thimbles (generally 2-3 g)
SEALS: Viton, Butyl, and Vaflon
CONDENSERS: Titanium (VELP Patent Pending)
INTERFACES: 3 x USB (balance, mouse, USB stick), Ethernet (Pc)
RESULT CALCULATION: Automatic, Archived on ControlPad
WATER CONSUMPTION: from 1.0 l/min
DIMENSIONS (WXHXD): SER 158/3 358x546x450 mm – 14×21,5×17,7 inch
SER 158/6 546x546x450 mm – 21,5×21,5×17,7 inch 
DIMENSIONS WITH CONTROLPAD: SER 158/3 358x546x570 mm – 14×21,5×22,4 inch
SER 158/6 546x546x570 mm – 21,5×21,5×22,4 inch
WEIGHT (SER 158/CONTROLPAD): SER 158/3 Kg 29 / 1 – 64 / 2,2 lb
SER 158/6 Kg 36 / 1 – 80,3 / 2,2 lb  
POWER SUPPLY: SER 158/3 115/230 – 50/60 V-Hz 
SER 158/6 115/230 – 50/60 V-Hz 
SER 158/6 630/850 W 
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SER 148 Series - Solvent Extractors

Solvent extraction system suitable for the separation of a substance or a group of elements from solid and semi-solid samples according to the Randall technique.

The reliable solution for solvent extraction

The SER 148/3 and SER 148/6 can be used to separate a substance or a group of elements from solid and semi-solid samples according to the Randall technique (consisting of Immersion, washing and solvent Recovery).

As for the automatic version SER 158, the main field of application is the determination of the content of soluble products such as fats, detergents, plasticizers and pesticides in food, animal feeds, detergents, rubber and plastic formulas, pharmaceutical products, soil.

The SER 148 Series is a semi-automatic solution with no compromises on operator safety (IP55) and solvent consumption also guaranteeing a limited cost per analysis.

Combined to HU6 Hydrolysis Unit, is possible to use the same crucibles to prevent any possible sample loss between the two units.


Randall Method, Faster Results

Perform single or multiple solvent extractions with Randall method, an improvement of Soxhlet technique, as hot solvents are used to speed up the analysis. In fact, the fast solubilization made by hot solvent permits a considerable reduction of the extraction time (approx. 90 minutes).

The extraction is made by immersion of the sample in the boiling  solvent, followed by a rinsing phase with cold solvent.

Maximum reproducibility is ensured, as well as a high recovery rate of the solvent used.

SER Series can be used with a wide range of sample types and with a variety of solvents, for increased flexibility. 

SER 148/3

230 V / 50-60 Hz

cod. F30300240


SER 148/3

115 V / 50-60 Hz

cod. F30310240


SER 148/6

230 V / 50-60 Hz

cod. F30300242


SER 148/6

115 V / 50-60 Hz

cod. F30310242
Butyl seal SER148, 3pcs/box

cod. A00000308
Cellulose thimbles 33x80mm, 25pcs/box
cod. A00000295
Crucible holder HU6 for SER148

cod. A00000309
Extraction cup, 6pcs/box

cod. A00000142
Extraction thimbles holder

cod. A00001142
Glass fiber thimbles 33x80mm, 25pcs/box

cod. A00000313
Handling device for extraction cup

cod. A00001145
IQ/OQ/PQ SER 148 Manual

cod. A00000073
Oat meal, 30g

cod. A00000318
Pincer for weighing cups

cod. A00001147

cod. A00001009
Serial cable RS232 for SER148

cod. A00000011
Thimble weighing cup SER158 and 148

cod. A00000310
Thimbles stand (6 places)

cod. A00001149
Vaflon seal SER148, 3pcs/box

cod. A00000061
Viton seal SER148, 3pcs/box

cod. A00000307

NUMBER OF SAMPLES: SER 148/3 3 positions
SER 148/6 6 positions
2 DISPLAYS: working temperature / settable parameters
SOLVENT RECOVERY: from 50 to 75%
WORKING TEMPERATURE: from 100 to 260 °C
SAMPLE QUANTITY: from 0,5 to 15 g (generally 2-3 g)
SOLVENT VOLUME: from 30 to 100 ml
IMMERSION TIME: from 0 to 999 minutes
WASHING TIME: from 0 to 999 minutes
RECOVERY TIME: from 0 to 999 minutes
CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL: epoxy painted stainless steel structure
DIMENSIONS (WXHXD): SER 148/3 480x620x390 mm (18.9×24.4×15.4 in)
SER 148/6 700x620x390 mm (27.6×24.4×15.4 in)
WEIGHT: SER 148/3 30 Kg (66 lb)
SER 148/6 40 Kg (88 lb)
POWER: SER 148/3 500 W
SER 148/6 950 W
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HU 6 Hydrolysis Unit

Optimum solution for the acid/basic hydrolysis of food and feed samples prior to solvent extraction for total fat analysis.

Preliminary Hydrolysis for solvent extraction

The VELP Scientifica Hydrolysis Unit HU 6 is the ideal solution for the prior to solvent extraction for the determination of the total fat content, in order to free the fat molecules ready for extraction.

This procedure is required in a number of AOAC Official Methods to determine the fat content of food samples such as meat, cheese, seafood, chocolate, cereal flours, etc.
The HU 6 performs hydrolysis in complete safety and handles six samples at the same time in order to maximize productivity.


Fast and safe hydrolysis

The samples are heated in test-tubes in an aluminum heating block offering excellent thermal homogeneity. Hydrolysis is performed in an acidic environment (4N hydrochloric acid) and in some cases also in a basic environment (20% w/v ammonia) for about 60 minutes at a temperature of 170°C. The hydrolyzed sample is then filtered in a glass crucible and washed with warm deionized water to eliminate traces of hydrochloric acid.

The HU 6 is supplied with a vacuum pump that ensure safety thanks to the reduction of acid fumes.

The glass crucible containing the hydrolyzed and washed sample is oven dried before being placed in a desiccator. The crucible is then transferred directly to the SER 158 and SER 148 Solvent Extraction Unit avoiding any possible sample loss and ensuring improved accuracy of results.

HU 6

230 V / 50-60 Hz

cod. F30300110


HU 6

115 V / 50-60 Hz

cod. F30310110

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CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL: epoxy painted stainless steel structure
SET TEMPERATURE: display visualization
COUNTDOWN: display visualization
TEMPERATURE RANGE: from room temp. to 200 °C
REACHING OF SET TEMPERATURE: acoustic and visual signal
POWER: 1350 W
DIMENSIONS (WXHXD): 355x590x450 mm (14.0×23.2×17.7 in)
WEIGHT: 14.5 Kg / 32.0 lb
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