Wind Indicator


  • Meteo-LCD-IND Digital scoreboard
  • Meteo-LCD-NAV Digital ship indicator
  • Ship wind indicators
  • Analog wind indicators

METEO-LCD-IND Digital scoreboard


is extremely versatile and flexible. The high-contrast display is adapted to the prevailing lighting conditions by dimming the lighting. The compactness has a very advantageous and cost-saving effect when installed in switch panels. The devices are very reliable and can, when connected in series, make all values ​​determined from the 6 main parameters visible at the same time.

Meteo-LCD-IND Digital scoreboard features

  • large, graphics-capable, high-resolution display with background lighting
  • Adjustable contrast and brightness
  • low installation depth                                                                            
  • Variant with waterproof front panel
  • galvanically separated supply and signal inputs                                                                          
  • Instantaneous, mean and extreme values
  • Monitoring control rooms
  • Airfields
  • Industrial and chemical plants
  • Vehicles for civil protection and disaster control
  • mobile tower
  • Ships

METEO-LCD-NAV Digital ship indicator


has passed the shock and vibration tests (according to BV 0440 and BV 0430) for ship use on the high seas with flying colors. The indicator (14742) is multifunctional, flexible and compact. It is an essential part of the proven LAMBRECHT system solutions with SYNMET and various other sensors. The high-contrast graphic LCD, the low installation depth and the integration of several devices in a network are the most important properties of the high-quality display device.

Digital ship indicator features

  • Representation of specific ship parameters
  • Shock class A!
  • large multifunction display with adjustable backlight
  • Variant with waterproof front panel
  • galvanically separated supply and signal inputs
  • Instantaneous, mean and extreme values
  • Oil rigs
  • Container ships
  • naval applications

Ship wind indicators


the pointer moves on the ergonomically easy-to-read dial. In relation to the ship’s axis, the instantaneous values ​​for the wind direction on the indicator (Fig. 1) can be clearly and unambiguously interpreted. A green-red marking for port-starboard can support this function. The indicator (Fig. 3) is a complete solution in itself. As a display station for the wind parameters, 2 devices (e.g. Fig. 1 + 2) can be combined in one panel.

Ship wind indicator features

  • very reliable and long-term stable display devices
  • white, dimmable scale lighting
  • clearly interpretable, very easy to read analog scales
  • Standard housing for installation
  • robust measuring mechanisms and scales
  • high linearity
  • civil ships
  • Container ships
  • Naval vessels

Analog wind indicators


you have a clear view of the current wind direction from north, east, south or west as well as the wind speed. The data are clearly and unambiguously interpreted on the ergonomically very good dials. Robust moving coil measuring mechanisms and metal housings ensure long-term stability and linearity. Practical standard housings in Q144 format enable easy installation in control panels.

Analog wind indicators features

  • inner scale of the indicator (1476 Q144N) with 8 main and 8 intermediate wind directions
  • ergonomically very easy to read analog dials
  • no separate power supply required
  • Control room
  • Industrial plants
  • Airfields
  • Cranes
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