Modbus Converter

Pt100 Modbus converter

The Pt100-Modbus converter records the measuring signal of a Pt100 temperature sensor and makes the measured value available for querying via Modbus RTU (RS485). The simple assignment of addresses from 1… 99 via code switches enables up to 99 temperature sensors to be quickly integrated into a bus. Like the other Lambrecht Modbus RTU sensors, the Pt100 Modbus converter also has auto configuration registers (mapping). This means that it can be automatically recognized by the data logger met [LOG] and created for the measurement with just one push of a button.

  • industrial weather station
  • Process technology
  • building technology
  • SCADA system
  • Solar power plants

Grass temperature sensor 8241


Grass temperature sensor 8241

are the media to be measured and the starting point for choosing the right sensor. The sensor (8241), with radiation protection and fastening rod, is best suited for the temperature, approx. 5 cm above the ground at grass height.

  • Standard measuring element used worldwide
  • robust, corrosion-resistant thanks to stainless steel housing
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