• MicroBio MB1 Bioaerosol Sampler
  • MicroBio MB2 Bioaerosol Sampler
  • MicroBio MB2-HiFlow Bioaerosol Sampler
  • MicroBio MB2-RSH Isolator Microbial Air Sampler
  • Validation Kit

MicroBio MB1 Bioaerosol Sampler

The simplest to use and most economical microbial air sampler of its kind

MicroBio MB2 Bioaerosol Sampler

This has a host of features making it ideal for use in such applications

MicroBio MB2-HiFlow Bioaerosol Sampler

This has all the features of the tried and trusted MicroBio MB2 model, but with the added advantage of sampling at a rate of 180 litres per minute

MicroBio MB2-RSH Isolator Microbial Air Sampler

This is an invaluable device for validating isolator cabinets, sealed compartments and rooms.

Validation Kit

This ensure your MicroBio Air Sampler is performing perfectly and satisfies industry regulators and standards.